Comfortable/pleasant to wear, comfortable/pleasant to sit in, comfortable/pleasant to ride in, comfortable/pleasant to use, comfortable/pleasant to sleep in, comfortable/pleasant to live in, comfortable/pleasant to be in…. We all want to feel good. But what is it that makes us feel good? Is it the right temperature, the right light? It’s important to have the right physical environment, but it’s not enough. We don’t want you to feel uncomfortable/unpleasant in life. This laboratory is dedicated to the science of “kokochi”___comfort/pleasantness.

Our specific research themes are diverse. They range from clothing environment which is the closest to the humans, to the scale of indoor and interior spaces, architecture, regions, cities and sometimes even the global environment. While the main focus is on the thermal environment, we also look at light, air and sound. In addition to the engineering approach, we have also ventured into interdisciplinary fields such as meteorology and climatology, geography, physiology, psychology, sociology, folklore studies, linguistics and design.

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